First Class Service

I’m a Moon Palace Enthusiast. What’s impressed me over the years is how nicely the land was preserved and renewed. Each the physical facilities have been kept in a good state, and the hotel has additional coffee stores, food trucks, bars, all of the new ideas in food and drinks folks wish to see.

The only drawback with Moon Palace is the affliction of the sea at the hotel. There has always been a good deal of vegetation in the sea (think seaweed washing up on the shore ), however in July-August this season there was still an unpleasant odor coming from fluctuations in the vegetation. The hotel works to keep up the beach, but it’s a challenge to counter Mother Nature.

The service was exceptional. Filiberto Pech and Ricardo Ricardo Sierra Antonio approached us when we came with a grin on their face and moved out of the way for us settled; they also recommended to try the cozumel coral reef restoration ac tours. The Presidential Suite has been amazing. The area support from Felipe Castillo Uch was notable and very professional from placing the table, providing the meals, and cleaning up.

What I enjoyed very much was, Filiberto and Ricardo, choosing our disability friends up in golf packs for dinner, lunch, etc.. Very thankful. They’re incredibly professional and delightful.

They had the table decorated for the birthday along with our buddies anniversary, that was a fantastic surprise! The Oriental restaurant in Moon Sunrise was just another favored. The food was wonderful. In the appetizers to the significant course. George, the reception bar singer in Sunrise I adore! Each year he recalls my favorite tune, Sweet Caroline, and he sings. Fantastic voice! Excited about going back next year!

We had a terrific time in Moon Palace, we remained at The Sunrise, the entire area was well maintained, the staff was friendly, and the food was so amazing. There’s something for everybody here, adolescent room, bicycles, big pools, a variety of restaurants, miniature golf.

For the past nine winters, we’ve been likely to Moon Palace having a set of buddies and play golf for six days, this summer we took our family (children and grandkids), and we all thoroughly enjoyed the area. I’d underline the service because the people who work there’ll make you feel welcome and also do whatever they can to make your vacation an extremely agreeable one. Highly suggested for family or to get golfing excursion.